Dune is a set of emotions, passion and know-how. We are careful to craft our boards a unique way for them to be top-notch on the market. Our creations are designed to help you overcome your limits, defeat your fears, and discover new sensations.

The rider/shaper synergy allows the Dune boards to offer an outstanding ride.

Human team

Mathieu Taxy

Mathieu Taxy

Dune Founder // Figueras (Espagne)

More than 20 years ago, Mathieu introduced his first “skimboard” to the market, and since that moment he has not stopped improving his creations. His composite material engineer background, his extensive experience in the industry, and his close relationship with the different manufacturers of materials allow him to stay up-to-date on the latest technological developments. All this is reflected in his boards.

His rider team is responsible in testing the latest models, because he is not a waterman: his real thing is to spend hours in his workshop honing his techniques and come up with your future Dune board.

Laurent Lozes

Laurent Lozes

aka lo2 // Bordeaux (France)

Skimboarding is not limited to only one shape, and Laurent knows it. He designed the Lola and the Dick models, and quite a few prototypes. Each new design is a combination of intuitions he gets while riding on his favorite shorebreak of Cap-Ferret. He leaves it to Mathieu to turn the boards he imagines into reality.

Besides being an unusual “rider”, Laurent is also a self-taught graphic designer who created the Dune logos, as well as some digital-arts. He is such a great source of inspiration, and helps make Dune a brand aimed at both technical and aesthetic innovations.

Oliver Campoy

Oliver Campoy

Malaga (Espagne)

Oliver lives two steps away from many surf spots, and he can practice all year long in top conditions. His numerous sessions allow him to test out the latest developments of the Dune skimboards in all conditions, and approve them before starting production.

Oliver helps the brand spread out with his photogenic and unique style. He teams up with Diana and her camera, who captures every moment everywhere he goes.

Julien Gaspard

Julien Gaspard

aka Djool // Annecy (France)

Djool lives in a privileged place: Annecy, where you can enjoy the lake in summer, and the mountains in winter. He is used to boat-generated waves more than natural, ocean waves, and thus prefers riding on the lake, which makes sense. Competitor at heart, he goes for a ride on the lake as soon as temperatures allow it, in order to develop his style and manœuvres.

His motivation and perfectionism help Dune improve its wakesurf boards continuously.

Miguel Angel Manera

Miguel Angel Manera

aka Manera // Empuriabrava (Espagne)

Some people say that Manera spends his whole life in his shop, but they are wrong! As soon as the wind blows, he likes sailing in the Bay of Roses, with or without tramontane wind.

He dares to go riding in all weathers, always calling for more. His experience contributes decisively to the development of the Dune kite boards.


1994 – Mathieu crafted his first skimboard

2000 – First skimboard with the Dune logo

2003 – Mathieu met Laurent Lozes at the first skimfest of SKIMCRASH at Cap Ferret.

2005 – Mathieu met Oliver Campoy at the first skimfest of SKIMESPAÑA at Faro de Trafalgar

2007 – Xavi Mirabet became the first rider sponsored by Dune

2009 – The first Dune kiteskim and kitesurf  were built for Miguel Angel Manera

2010 – Marianick Pichon wins her second, consecutive Skim European League title

2011 – First LIM board

2012 – First Dune wakesurf board crafted for Djool

2013 – Dune wins all the titles of the Spanish Skim Championship

2015 – First concave bottom wakesurf boards