Cookies Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer when you browse certain web pages. Cookies allow a web page, among other things, to store and retrieve information on a user's browsing habits or on your computer, and they can be used to identify the user, depending on the information they contain and on the way the computer is used.

What kind of cookies is used on this website, and what for?

This website uses cookies for different purposes, including:

Note: proprietary cookies are used by the owner of this website only, whereas the "third party" cookies are used by the providers of the services that are detailed in the previous table.

How can I disable or delete these cookies?

Yan can enable or disable the proprietary cookies (technical and custom preference cookies) that are generated/used by the My-dune website itself by changing the below settings:


The current cookies/localStorage entries that are set for this website are:

It is worth noting that the ecommerce features of this website (in particular the shopping cart and the checkout process) require that you allow cookies and localStorage entries to be enabled. Disabling the cookies will also disable those features, and your shopping cart will be cleared out if any items have already been added to it.

It should also be noted that some browsing features or user-friendly behaviours rely on cookies too, either those that are generated by the My-dune website through its hosting provider (typically: "PHPSESSID", "_mcnc", or similar cookies) or those that are generated by the third party tools, development libraries, or tracking services used on this website (typically: Google Analytics, Youtube, PayPal, etc.). Browsing and using this website can be less user-friendly if those cookies are disabled.

In order to memorize your choice about cookies, and as paradoxical as it may be, a cookie is still needed. This cookie identity key is "cookieconsent_status", and its stored value can only be "allow", "deny", or "dismiss". No other value is ever used, and the explicit value "allow" only can authorise this website to store data (cookies and/or localStorage). This cookie can be used neither for tracking purpose (it does not contain any data that could be used as an unique identifier), nor to memorize any other data but the only choice to allow or deny the use of cookies or localStorage. If you decide to disable/delete this cookie, your choice will never be memorized: cookies and localStorage will not be used, and the Cookie Consent popup will show up systematically on each and every page of this website upon loading.

You can allow, deny or delete the cookies that are installed on your computer by setting your preferred options in your web browser: