Your own customized skimboard

If you are looking for a technical skimboard suited to your level, the CUSTOM model will meet your expectations.

The « More Glass » option is intented for riders who want a slightly heavier board and some extra sturdiness
kg cm
30-50 130-150
45-60 140-160
55-80 155-180


  • 1.5 to 2cm thick, vacuum laminated PVC foam
  • FC: epoxy resin and Full Carbon
  • Lighter weight
  • Shape: LIM
  • Rails: Boxy
  • Thickness: 20
  • Deck Channels
  • Logo Design: Exclaim Regular
  • Deco Color: White
  • Top Color: Orange
  • Strip 1: None
  • Strip 2: None
  • Strip 3: None
  • Bottom Color: White
  • Blurred Bottom: No
  • Leash Plug: No
Production terms of 3 to 5 weeks
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5 available shapes

  • LIM: a shape that makes it easier to catch waves

    The LIM shape offsets feet position errors, and makes it easier to catch waves.
  • DD: a wide and highly steady shape

    The DD shape is wide and highly steady, but its wings make turns easier to take.
  • LAGOA: a shape for any kind of waves

    The LAGOA shape is narrow, reactive, and allows skimboarding in any kind of waves.
  • LOLA: a shape for fast turns

    The LOLA Shape helps you have an extra-push down the wall, and its tail allows fast turns.
  • DICK: a shape with extraordinary dimensions

    The DICK Shape has extraordinary dimensions, which make it a thrilling board with unexpected sensations.

FC high tech construction

The board is laminated with epoxy resin and carbon fiber (deck and bottom), then vacuum pressed using an exclusive compaction system that makes your board + lightweight and reactive.