How to chose my wakesurf board?

There are 3 types of wakesurf boards: "Skimstyle", "Hybrid" and "Surfstyle".

Skimstyle boards have, of course, an ocean skimboard feeling. These boards are faster and more playful, but they need medium to large waves to be really efficient.

Interested in "Skimstyle"? Check out the MARS Alutex, the Carbon MARS and the DL models.

Hybrid boards are halfway between a skimboard and a surfboard. They don’t require much assistance to turn and their large sizes allow surfing any kind of wave.

If you are interested in a Hybrid board, check out the METIS model.

The Surfstyle boards have a logical surf program. They allow you to surf the entire length of the wave without any problem. Ocean surfers are delighted with these boards. But as the Skimstyle ones, they need medium to large waves to reveal their full potential.

If your style is "Surfstyle", you should have a look at the SB model.

What is alutex?
Alutex is an aluminum coated fiberglass fabric with a lightning shape braid. It gives the board a finish of intense brightness.
What is carbon?
Carbon is synonymous with efficiency: it gives high responsiveness capabilities to the board. This liveliness makes it harder to control, though. Also, its black color gives a magnificent technical and aesthetic effect to the board.